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Photo credit: Kim Stone

Georgia Aquarium

“Mega-Reef Exhibit” Monitoring and Evaluation Program
Very large living reef aquariums, like our Indo-Pacific reef exhibit, can be extremely challenging to manage.  This project connected the two largest such exhibits in the world, here and the Steinhart Aquarium in California, in a collaborative attempt to better understand how to build and maintain thriving live reef exhibits on such a large scale.

North America

Coral Restoration in the Florida Keys (current)
Georgia Aquarium’s partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) in the Upper Florida Keys aims to help restore Staghorn and Elkhorn corals using ocean-based aquaculture nurseries and transplantation methodologies. This approach to active reef management has the potential to restore reefs to approximately their original biodiversity and stability.

South America

Abrolhos Reef Platform
In 2011, Georgia Aquarium staff participated in a study of deep reefs of the Abrolhos Platform in eastern Brazil. They worked alongside scientists from Brazil and Florida Atlantic University exploring reefs never before seen, improving habitat maps of the area and recording several new species. 


Coral Health in Fiji
Surveys from 2000 showed vibrant coral populations, but just months later, nearly all of the corals on southern reefs had bleached, which occurs when sea temperatures rise beyond their tolerance limits. Follow-up surveys ten years later showed the reefs in Fiji had nearly fully recovered.

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