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Garden Eel Habitat
This is a patch reef habitat. Its bottom layer of sand - called substrate - is 3 feet (0.9 m) deep to accommodate garden eels.

Jelly Junction
Composed of three different habitats, this area features some of the world's most alien invertebrates. Their movement is facilitated by a circular current.
Pacific Barrier Reef
One of the world's largest living reef exhibits simulating an Indo-Pacific barrier reef. Live corals make up about a fourth of this reef.

Seahorse Habitat
Showcasing the world's largest seahorse species: the Pacific seahorse. Though they may not look like most fish, these animals are fish - of the family Syngnathidae.

Turkeyfish Habitat
Observe the Indo-Pacific's venomous turkeyfish from the safety afforded by this jewel habitat.

Clown and Anemone Habitat
Representing one of nature's most colorful symbiotic relationships: clown anemonefish and their namesake homes: anemones.

Bubble Habitat
Currently home to striped eel catfish, the only coral reef-associated catfish in the world! This exhibit's curvature slightly magnifies its contents for better viewing.