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Amazon Exotics - DiscusAmazon Exotics
South America's Amazon River is home to stunning species. Experience the incredible (and colorful) diversity of the world's second-largest river!

African CichlidsAfrican Cichlids
With at least 1,650 species, Cichlidae is one of the most successful families of vertebrates. This exhibit showcases many species from some of Africa's lakes.

Overhead River - BowfinOverhead River
A look above provides a fish-eye view of a typical North American river. The 45,000 gallons are home to several species of gar, trout, catfish and sturgeon.

The artificial mangrove in this exhibit simulates the habitat of banded archerfish and other estuarine species that depend on the type of environment for survival.

Freshwater Turtles
River cooters swim next to red-eared and yellowbelly sliders in this freshwater exhibit, representing Georgia's own streams and ponds. 

American Alligator - AlbinoAmerican Alligators
Reflecting the ideal habitat for American alligators, this exhibit provides ample room for the animals to swim or haul out and bask.

Electric EelElectric Alley
These three exhibits display animals whose unique adaptations to their environments may include electric fields and discharge.

Piranha - Red PiranhaPiranha
Whether standing above or crawling below, this habitat provides a piranha perspective many would normally consider terrifying.

Asian Small-Clawed OtterAsian Small-Clawed Otters
The world's smallest species of otters are highly social. The exhibit's design provides plenty of stimulation for these active animals.