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Photo credit: Eric Gaglione

North America

Beluga Whale Health Assessments in Alaska (current)
With partners in the NOAA Fisheries Service, Georgia Aquarium participated in health assessments for beluga whales in Alaska in 2008 using methods pioneered in the aquarium settings. In 2011-12, work focused on testing for exposure to pollution and studying what beluga whales eat, based on blood samples and biopsies.


Penguins in Human Care and Free- Ranging in South Africa (current)
Georgia Aquarium is participating in a study of African penguin nutrition. Declines in breeding populations of this species are thought to result from scarcity of prey due to environmental changes and overfishing. Proper nutrition is a critical determinant in the successful conservation and propagation of all penguin populations.


Beluga Population Field Studies at Sea of Okhotsk, Russia
From 2007-2011, Georgia Aquarium participated in a joint study of beluga whales in the Sea of Okhotsk. Satellite tagging, genetic sampling and aerial surveys were used to determine range and population size.

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