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Kelp Forest

The kelp in this exhibit is artificial, but the animals living here are real. Look for the orange Garibaldi damselfish, species of Georgia Aquarium's mascot, Deepo!

Rocky Shore Tidal Pool
Dip your hand in this exhibit and get an idea of how cold the Pacific Northwest can be - the temperature here is kept at approximately 55o F (12.8o C).

Deep Sea Dwellers
This habitat represents life 1,000 feet (305 m) deep: dark, barren and cold. See animals that would normally require a submersible to reach!

Beluga Whales and Harbor Seals
This subarctic exhibit is home to beluga whales and harbor seals. These marine mammals are gregarious ambassadors for marine conservation efforts.

Alaskan Rocky Reef
The rockwork here provides ample living and retreat space for myriad Pacific Northwest animals, including the world's largest octopus species.

Sea Dragon Habitat
The weedy sea dragon has an incredibly specific habitat requirement. The exhibit represents Sargassum kelp of Australian and Tasmanian coasts.

Southern Sea Otters
This multi-tiered habitat provides three vantage points: underwater, water-level and trainer interaction deck. Proceed through the gallery to experience each!

African Penguins
The habitat for Georgia Aquarium's African penguins features a daylight simulator matching the seasonal light cycles of the birds' native South Africa.
African Penguin